Rona Green: Chancing Your Arm exhibition at Australian Galleries


The opening night of the Chancing Your Arm exhibition at Australian Galleries Melbourne

The opening night of the Chancing Your Arm exhibition at Australian Galleries Melbourne


Rona Green

Chancing Your Arm

7 – 26 July 2015

Australian Galleries Melbourne

35 Derby Street, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia

Open 7 days 10am – 6pm


Rona Green_AG_01

Australian Galleries reception area displaying works by Rona Green


Rona Green_AG_02

Another view of the Australian Galleries reception area with works by Rona Green


Rona Green_AG_03

Pencil and ink drawings on paper by Rona Green at the entrance of Australian Galleries


Rona Green_AG_04

‘Tela’, ‘Curl’ and ‘Bo’ hanging out at Australian Galleries


Rona Green_AG_05

‘Zulu’ surrounded by his harem of rabbit and cat flash monotypes at the entrance to the main gallery


Rona Green_AG_06

‘Marty (rhymes with party)’, ‘Dirck De Cock’, ‘Booger Sugar’, ‘Tomas’, ‘King of Punchbowl’ and ‘Brett’ by Rona Green


Rona Green_AG_07

‘Submission Magician’, ‘Shitehawk vs. Dirck ‘Foo-Foo’ De Cock’, ‘Mr Correct (Hank)’, ‘Maestro’ and ‘SMF’ by Rona Green


Rona Green_AG_08

View of the exhibition ‘Chancing Your Arm’ by Rona Green at Australian Galleries Melbourne 2015


Rona Green_AG_09

‘Brett’ and ‘Jacquy’ by Rona Green


Rona Green_AG_10

‘SMF’, 2015, acrylic on canvas, 152 x 168 cm, and Rona watching his back…


Rona Green_AG_11

A view of the exhibition ‘Chancing Your Arm’ and Rona in situ at Australian Galleries Melbourne 2015


Photography by Tim Gresham


Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Alan Sugar


“…you’ve come here to chance your arm, but I’m afraid to say, it’s the end of the road really.” – Lord Alan Sugar



Chancing Your Arm


Rona Green_Chancing Your Arm_exhibition invitation


You are most warmly invited to


Rona Green

Chancing Your Arm

An exhibition of prints, drawings and paintings


Official opening 6pm-8pm Tuesday 7 July 2015


Australian Galleries

35 Derby Street

Collingwood VIC 3066 Australia


If you would like to view the exhibition catalogue online just click this link.


You are also invited to attend an artist talk at 2pm on Saturday 18 July 2015.

I’ll be discussing the work on exhibition and answering any questions you may wish to ask, and there will be goody bags!


Exhibition runs until Sunday 26 July 2015

Gallery open 7 days 10am – 6pm

Free entry – all welcome


Hope you can see the show!



Workshops are go!


“Creativity is a drug I cannot live without.”

Cecil B. DeMille


Rona Green_workshops flyer


Simply click here for all the info.



One of each


One of each exhibition invite


A kooky rabbit named Vilém The Villain, by yours truly, on exhibition as part of the group show 'One of each' at Australian Galleries, Melbourne.

A kooky bespectacled rabbit named Vilém The Villain (by yours truly), on exhibition as part of the supersized group show ‘One of each’ at Australian Galleries, Melbourne, until Sunday 4 May 2014.


Nosing around – part 2


This post is a sequel to my last post where I let you in on a few hot spots around Collingwood, Melbourne.


Smith Street – Fitzroy on the left and Collingwood on the right.


Now I shall ferry you about Fitzroy and show you a few treasures.


Neil’s Art Store entryway


Neil’s Art Store, located at 44-46 Greeves Street, Fitzroy is a one stop shop for art materials and equipment.


Merchandise galore at Neil’s Art Store


They are especially handy for products of a printmakery nature!


Paul and Ben waiting in the wings at Neil’s Art Store


You will be taken good care of by the charming Paul and Ben who can give you all kinds of advice about all kinds of interesting things art related and otherwise.


Shop Sui shop front


A hop, skip and jump away at 227 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy you will find the fabulous Shop Sui by Sylvia Tai.


Sylvia Tai submerged in squillions of goodies at Shop Sui


If you need the perfect gift for that perfect someone (or even a treat for yourself!) Sylvia is your lady.

Her super store is overflowing with a superabundance of super cute stuff – it is a must see.


Fun stuff at Shop Sui


Just over the road at 228 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy you will find the scrumptious Fatto a Mano organic bakery.


Fatto a Mano window display


They make a multitude of delicious snacks and treats.

Amongst my favourites are the tomato focaccia, sour dough rolls and cranberry cookies.


Fatto a Mano focaccia


You will always be greeted by a friendly face at Fatto a Mano.


The effervescent Rita and Sandra at Fatto a Mano


If in Fitzroy and in need of a spicy feed make your way to Trippy Taco at 234 Gertrude Street.


Trippy Taco facade


This vegetarian restaurant is a fiesta of flavour.

My regular order is the vegan nachos but I also enjoy a taco now and then.


Tasty Trippy Taco vegan nachos


Thanks for taking the tour!


In closing here’s a blast from the past that provided inspiration for this post…



Nosing around – part 1


James Rouse on the cover of Time Magazine


‘Cities must be fun.’

James Rouse (1914-1996)


Marvellous Melbourne, Australia, c. 1995


Melbourne, Australia.

Judged the world’s most livable city in 2011.

Contentiously referred to as the cultural capital of the country.

The place I have called home since 1995.


Mercator Studios at the Abbotsford Convent


I’ve previously featured my studio at the Abbotsford Convent in Melbourne.

It is very close to the inner city suburbs of Collingwood and Fitzroy, which I frequent for various reasons.

I thought it might be fun to take you on a tour of a few of my haunts.

Firstly, here is Collingwood through my (somewhat blurry, black and white) eyes!


Australian Galleries Smith Street entry


Australian Galleries in Collingwood represent my work and I exhibit at the 50 Smith Street gallery space.


Nick and Kate at Australian Galleries Smith Street


The Smith Street gallery is managed by the most excellent Nicholas Thompson and Kattie Bugeja.

As well as the main gallery space that presents an exciting range of exhibitions, the Smith Street location also houses an intimate print room.


Australian Galleries Smith Street print room


In the print room you can view work by a plethora of awesome artists including Deborah Williams, Graeme Drendel, Alexi Keywan… and me!


Street view of Fluff Hair


Located a few doors along from Australian Galleries at 46 Smith Street, Collingwood is the fantastic Fluff Hair.


The phenomenal Mario of Fluff Hair


This funky salon is where I have my coiffure styled by scissor genius, Mario Italiano.

Relaxing follicle conditioning and hot beverages are ably provided by the enigmatic Brendon.


Brendon manning the desk at Fluff Hair


Amble on down the road a little further and you will come across the astounding St Luke Artist Colourmen, purveyors of quality art supplies, at 32 Smith Street, Collingwood.


St Luke Artist Colourmen shop front


What a sweet shop is to a kid, St Luke Artist Colourmen is to artists!


St Lukette Kez ready to assist you at the St Luke counter


Kez Hughes and Paul Williams of St Luke are fabulous fonts of information regarding anything and everything art related.


St Luke staffer Paul stocking the shelves with goodies


Round the way at 9 Campbell Street, Collingwood you will find the inimitable Neo Frames.


Entrance to Neo Frames


These guys are who I trust to frame all my art – drawings, prints and paintings.

The customer service and workmanship at Neo are beyond compare.


The wonderful Neo Frames workshop


Give Bob and the crew a visit if you have any framing needs.

If you’re lucky dashing shop dog Neko may be around to give you a friendly greeting!


The lovely Bob and Neko at Neo Frames


In a fortnight i’ll scoot you all over Fitzroy in Nosing around – part 2.

Until next time!