Nosing around – part 2


This post is a sequel to my last post where I let you in on a few hot spots around Collingwood, Melbourne.


Smith Street – Fitzroy on the left and Collingwood on the right.


Now I shall ferry you about Fitzroy and show you a few treasures.


Neil’s Art Store entryway


Neil’s Art Store, located at 44-46 Greeves Street, Fitzroy is a one stop shop for art materials and equipment.


Merchandise galore at Neil’s Art Store


They are especially handy for products of a printmakery nature!


Paul and Ben waiting in the wings at Neil’s Art Store


You will be taken good care of by the charming Paul and Ben who can give you all kinds of advice about all kinds of interesting things art related and otherwise.


Shop Sui shop front


A hop, skip and jump away at 227 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy you will find the fabulous Shop Sui by Sylvia Tai.


Sylvia Tai submerged in squillions of goodies at Shop Sui


If you need the perfect gift for that perfect someone (or even a treat for yourself!) Sylvia is your lady.

Her super store is overflowing with a superabundance of super cute stuff – it is a must see.


Fun stuff at Shop Sui


Just over the road at 228 Gertrude Street, Fitzroy you will find the scrumptious Fatto a Mano organic bakery.


Fatto a Mano window display


They make a multitude of delicious snacks and treats.

Amongst my favourites are the tomato focaccia, sour dough rolls and cranberry cookies.


Fatto a Mano focaccia


You will always be greeted by a friendly face at Fatto a Mano.


The effervescent Rita and Sandra at Fatto a Mano


If in Fitzroy and in need of a spicy feed make your way to Trippy Taco at 234 Gertrude Street.


Trippy Taco facade


This vegetarian restaurant is a fiesta of flavour.

My regular order is the vegan nachos but I also enjoy a taco now and then.


Tasty Trippy Taco vegan nachos


Thanks for taking the tour!


In closing here’s a blast from the past that provided inspiration for this post…



6 Comments on “Nosing around – part 2”

  1. Great clip Rona!
    From now on when I go on a little weekend adventure I will feel like I’m ‘Nozin’ Around with all the other Yang Adolts’!

  2. Harriet Collins says:

    Great clip. Great way to start my day. Thank you.

  3. Leanne Cole says:

    If that bakery is the one I’m thinking of, they also make the best brownies.

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