Rona Green Art Giveaway





Drum roll please…


Thank you Animal from The Muppet Show


I am delighted to present my inaugural blog art giveaway!

You have a chance to win one of the following Rona Green original limited edition prints:


Rona Green, Bogatyr, 2008, screenprint, 38 x 56 cm, edition 23


Rona Green, Knyazhna, 2008, screenprint, 38 x 56 cm, edition 23


Rona Green, Pajari, 2008, screenprint, 38 x 56 cm, edition 23


To enter:

1. You must be a follower of my blog.

Either an existing or new follower (go to the ‘Follow This Blog’ heading at the top right hand corner of this page).

2. Leave a comment telling me which print you like the best and why.

Click on ‘Comments’ under the ‘Rona Green Art Giveaway’ heading at the top of this post or comment at the end of the post.

Please note: Comments may not appear immediately as they must first be moderated.

Entries close at 11.59pm EDT on Monday 2 April 2012.


Freddie The Lucky Lagomorph


Each entry will be numbered as the comments come in and Freddie The Lucky Lagomorph will draw the winners who will be announced in my next blog post on Tuesday 3 April 2012.

Thank you for your interest in my work and good luck!



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179 Comments on “Rona Green Art Giveaway”

  1. Kris Jaks says:

    Bogatyr how I love your ear
    On print until the light’s out
    Goes prowling out in search of stout
    A rumble and some lovin
    The night is full of twins and cousins
    Yelling to another
    Ronarians of every type til morning blows their cover.

  2. andy g says:

    Dear Rona,
    Why doesn’t the hedgehog just share the hedge?
    Maybe for the same reason Bogatyr smirks so contentedly, ear cocked and cocksure. I want to show this print to a Blue Russian I lived with in the hopes that she will be inspired to get similar tattoos.

  3. Dean says:

    I have a surgeon on my wall waiting to stare waiting to lust over waiting to sneer at waiting to entice waiting to reject waiting to stare at Pajari

  4. Anna Briers says:

    Dear Rona Green,

    I have been in love with Bogatyr the valiant warrior for several years now and he still hasn’t made the final commitment and moved in with me. Clearly we are born to be together. Here are five reasons why you should give him to me.

    1) He looks like the kind of rapscallion vodka swilling badass I could get along with. Personally I drink Sauvignon Blanc but I’m sure we could resolve our differences over a tattooing session of DIY stick and poke.
    2) While he feins a certain serenity I’m pretty sure he killed a man just yesterday. You can tell from the twist of his ear that is poised to rage civil disobedience on society. As Oscar Wilde once said – civil disobedience is mans original virtue, without it we have no social change. Probably though his disobedience wouldn’t be that civil.
    3) He could live with another cat called Persephone Amber Antimatter Betty Van Patter Rosa Luxemburg Forbes – Briers. (Betty Van Patter was the librarian for the Black Panther Party. The librarian! I’m pretty sure you should give me the print just for that fact).
    4) There is a certain tension produced in your work that I find compelling. This has something to do with the juxtaposition of the highly well researched semiotics and signifiers of the Russian mafia overlaid on an anthropomorphic domestic pet. There is a depth here that belies the graphic pop cultural style that on it’s own level has a comedic immediacy. Is there something about juxtaposing human characteristics or the vernacular of culture on nature that enable us to reveal something of our own inner animal nature through abstraction?
    5) I already own all your fridge magnets and have your catalogue images on my walls- I’m supposed to be an art curator and frankly… it’s getting embarrassing.
    I know this competition is drawn by a rabbit but come on dude, just give me the print.

  5. Magda Skibinski says:

    Received the exciting news of your art giveaway, Rona, and in checking out your 3 little people, I was immediately drawn to Knyazhna. It’s the yearning in her eyes that draws me in. Thinking it best to sleep on it and see if I’m consistent, I discovered that I can’t get past Knyazhna’s gaze. Had to examine why and decided the key lay in the cyrillic message. Judging by the comment, methinks that Knyazhna’s heart has been broken and the lovey-dovies are no more other than as they’re immortalised in the everlasting tattoo over her heart. No matter, I can offer Knyazhna somewhere new to hang out. As would any other of your fans, I’m sure. Well whosoever amongst us has the good fortune, so be it! I can only finish by saying – лучший из удачи

  6. Bogatyr- well I have a love for skulls , however I really get the look on his face , I have had plenty of days like that I feel where my look can be just that , like hey this is me and this is waht you get also cna’t help to think how much it reminds me of my cat , she has spunk and her body tells of her adventurous 18 years she has a two torn ears, lumps and bumps , but is such a loving creature a bit like this cat

  7. Hi Rona, I can’t go past (or quite pronouce) Knyazhna…Love your work.

  8. Pajari says..”Come with me to the edge, I dare you to jump with me

  9. mumdu says:

    My choice is Pajari. He has the challenging stare I see daily on my 5 year old son (tough on the outside only, a touch of insolence, a large dash of bravodo). The hands are hidden – hiding something from Mum. And i like the composition.

  10. Jenny says:

    Bogatyr, he has attitude and an cheeky aloofness that I like cheers…

  11. Scotty says:

    Bogatyr! Serioulsy cool dude with a bit of a kink…love it!

  12. Adam says:

    Knyazhna… Hard edges surrounding a loving centre…

  13. Anna C says:

    For me it’s got to be Knyzahna, there’s something about those birds that softens the tough cat image a little, well almost!
    Love all three though, congrats Rona great work.

  14. Tracy Cornelius says:

    Ahhh, Bad-boy Bajari and his withering “you-know-you-want-me” stare! I can picture our date….

    He’d pick me up on his motorbike, revving extra loud as the nosy old lady next door peeks through the lace curtains of her front room. We’d shoot pool in a seedy bar and down shots of bourbon and tequila late into the night.

    The next day I’d wake with a pounding head but a smile on my face, I’d look down and notice I’m sporting a tiny tattoo of an eight-ball on my wrist that I can’t quite remember getting……..

  15. I like Bogatyr. He (?) is somehow balanced even though one of his ears droops and he is to one side of the picture plane. The markings on his body are certainly balanced: the bells, the cobwebs, the candles giving a sense of meauring scales…….. He appears to be in thought, maybe dreaming. He is pensive and questioning. He seems kind. He stands firm in his world.

  16. Brooke says:

    Hi Rona
    All three prints are amazing which makes it incredibly hard to choose, but after studying each intriguing character for a while I found Knyazhna had special positive quality about her.
    The sweet smile is encouraging and understanding, which is something every young artist needs, I guess thats why she appeals to me so much! Also I love cats, and her gorgeous tattoos represent the incredible amount of attitude a cat can bring into a house, and I would
    love to bring Knyazhna’s attitude into mine!

  17. Andrew Hobbs says:

    Hey Rona,that’s a tough call to choose! Stumbled across your work a few years ago and have been obsessed ever since. Even inspired me to go back to school and study visual arts & printmaking. Anyway- Pajari gets my vote. Just cant get enough of those dirty sailor boy tatts. For me he has the street smarts to bring a knife to a gun fight and get away with it.More squint then a super model and he can swing it with the boys.He’s a sexy fella that i’d go a few rounds with!! (is it weird I have sexual fantasies about him?!)…..Shhh…No one will know….

  18. Caroline Askew says:

    Hi Rona,
    I recognise the look. “THE” look our black cat gives you…..
    Just before he launches himself at you and sinks his teeth and claws in!

  19. Mandy Edge says:

    Knyazhn has brids on his chest, plus he looks like he’s purring. He’s my favourite. Even though I like dogs.

  20. Kaylene Kelly says:

    My pick is Parjari, who like his namesake the courageous Finnish General, looks like he leads from the front, never to be drawn into the middle ground. Does Parjari wear a Cross of Liberty or is it perhaps a Finnish flag? He is my pick because he looks like he is a ‘lover of freedom’ and is prepared to fight for it, no matter what the cost may be. Beautiful work Rona!

  21. Hi Rona,

    just discovered your work yesterday at Australian Galleries so a nice surprise to see this giveaway on my first visit to your blog. Cool.

    Bogatyr is my favourite because he looks quietly confidant – not too agro and not too passive. Bogatyr is also a cat with not one bell but two! Any cat with a tatt is cool with me though!

    All the best Rona and whether I win or not I hope to own one of your pieces eventually!

  22. Rachel Joy says:

    Hi Rona,

    I love the princess! Knyazhna coz she’s gorgeous and wants to fuck you in the arse! yeah baby! 🙂

  23. Hmmm, tough choice in more way than one.
    Bogatyr looks like he’s waiting for an explanation, and it better be a good one.
    Knyzhana appears to be wondering how anyone could be so stupid to give such a lame explanation to Bogatyr,
    Pajari looks like he’s looking forward to administering the punishment, as decreed by Bogatyr, for giving such as lame explanation.
    Let’s face it, I’d hang any work by you on my wall, but if I had to choose between these three, it’s Bogatyr.

  24. Like “Pajari” because he appears to have a serious death wish, and reminds me of my late friend Yanis

  25. Mark says:

    Hi Rona,

    Loving the giveaway idea !

    And the winner is ……………………….Pajari !

    We have a guard dog at our house named Cutter (he overlooks our entry way)

    I think he could use some back up round the back door.

    Pajari looks a likely type for the job.

    Cheers Mark

  26. simonelouisecollins says:

    Knyazhna – Pirate Cat – an awesome combination

    P.S. I have Animal adidas shoes

  27. Ashley says:

    Hiya Rona, I love the subtle menace of Pajari. And I have just the spot for him. I would “employ” him on the wall that looks out through the glass door to our little vegie patch — No bird is going near the tomatoes with this cat around!

  28. Florence says:

    Knyazhna gets my vote. Reminiscent of the days when my teacher suggested I draw something that wasn’t my cat and parents suggested I read something that wasn’t ‘Puss in Boots’.

  29. Robert Heather says:

    I have a little booklet that my partner picked up from the Convent which has your images on it and whenever I show it to my little 8 month old daughter she gurgles with delight, it would be wonderful to have one of your gorgeous images to hang in her room so that she can grow up with it as part of her life…

  30. Ella says:

    Hello Rona,
    I think Pajari is a terrible actor and that’s why I like him the best. That stern look is undone by his love heart shaped nose and perky unthreatening ears. The hand on the belly also gives a sense that he’s not so comfortable with this stance.
    He reminds me of the scary looking tough Maori men I grew up around in New Zealand. At first glance there is a hardness and dozens of tatts, but then they are the sweetest most generous people you could hope to meet.

    P.S. I love animal from the Muppets! Originally my favourite was Elton John in his parrot suit singing Crocodile Rock but then he got married and I was heart broken (oh the irony of childhood crushes on gay men!). Animal was always my favourite after that and I even learnt drums.

  31. Knyazhna mmmm innocence personified by the look on the face and the stance but the tough guy tattoos maybe tell a different story. I love the look on the face which to me says “who me? You think I did that?” I also love the crisp, clear bold lines of your work against the softer background. Lovely work.

  32. charlie sublet says:

    hey Rona,

    Bogatyr is my fave – it’s the way his rhs ear kicks off at an angle. I’m a bit of an ear fan, given that I’ve got one pointy yoda-style one and one standard-issue rounded one! And i like his cool, calm and collected cross-armed stance. People will know better than to mess with Mr Bogatyr x

  33. Susan Doel says:

    Bogatyr! Because his expression tells a different story to the tattoos on his or her body. He is looking at me and telling a story but somehow I think it is a different story than what I am meant to be hearing.

  34. Simon Ronalds says:

    My fav is Bogatyr, I like the frank regard with which I am being held, and of course the wonky ear adds even more character.

  35. lakni says:

    bogatyr – because that cheeky cat bends a lil’ to the right!
    x lakni

  36. I love Knyazhna because he looks like a lover and a fighter!!!

  37. Amy Cornall says:

    Bogatyr – That one slightly cocked ear, there’s something about it I find intruiging!

  38. Richarda says:

    Dear Rona,

    I love them all, but Pajari is my favourite.

    Pajari communicates much through his glance. Confident, and unable to trust, suspicious and inquisitive. A ton of attitude. I like his stance. Tough guy, with a hand on his tum; protecting the vulnerability. Maybe. Pajari shows contradictions. Nicely balanced, and still intriguing. Challenging, vulnerable, demanding attention that is his due. Archetypal “bad Boy”. So very appealing.

  39. Tarli Glover says:

    Pajari has the ‘bad ass’ expression with the ‘bad ass’ tatts and the ‘bad ass’ stance.
    This is truely the cat for me.

  40. 369high says:

    Bogatyr (#1) as he looks like a footy mascot with his arms crossed, and I am a massive Geelong fan. My 11 y.o. daughter loves your stuff – she bought a badge at the convent – and it would look great in her room.

  41. The third one. Because if I’m forced to choose between several awesome things, I’ll always pick the one that will disturb my boyfriend the most.

  42. Andrew says:

    I am finding this a little wierd. A little unsettling… the way Pajari is strokin’ his lower abdomen. looking at me all jaunty eyed.. Is it wrong to be turned on by a cat.. or someone with tattoos? This would drive the catholics in my family wild.

    Definitely Pajari. Rona, you may need to introduce me to him. x

  43. Ana Petidis says:

    I believe that you can’t choose the cat, the cat chooses you…
    I hope to be chosen by any of these kool cats, maybe more hope to be chosen by Pajari.
    He reminds me of John Turturro playing ‘the Jesus’ in the film The Big Lebowski, “nobody fucks with the Jesus”… Weird because I think Pajari is a Nordic name and would never be seen wearing a hair net?
    You’re a very generous lady Rona – thanks, Ana

  44. heathererinn says:


    Drawings of cats on cats on cats and the love-birds! Oh My!

    I LOVE this print SO much that if I win I will keep it forever and tell it everday how much i love it.


  45. Reuben says:

    I love Pajari the best – he’s just so sure of himself…

  46. Melissa says:

    God got to love all these great comments. Don’t envy you having to chose a winner Rona!

    I think the trio are wonderful. Of course I love the don’t fuck with me attitude of Pajari – or is it just I’ve had a bad day and my stomach hurts?
    Knyazhna is other worldly – self assured, confident and dare I say at peace. It’s the hands behind the back and the kissing lovebirds.
    Bogatyr looks happy to me despite the symbol of death – the serpent and skull on the cross, he does after all have laughing cats and bells. Bells make me think of christmas cheer and my daughter Isobel. Having said that of course the skull doesn’t always symbolise death, it can mean rebirth and I have a mexican sugar skull on my arm to symbolise just that!

    What can I say, Knyazhan, Bogatyr or Pajari would be coming to a good home with their buddies Harvey and Azrael.

  47. Jane Brownrigg says:

    Narrow eyes but a heart-shaped nose, Pajari presents an interesting contradiction who is not obvious to read. He avoids the middle ground. He is my favourite individual.

  48. Harriet Collins says:

    Knyazhna is my pick. Everyone needs someone like her around. My fingers and toes are all crossed.

  49. Cassie May says:

    Neko and I have decided that we like Knyazhna. It’s the love birds. Rather like the two in bride and groom outfits my aunty made on my bigger than Elvis’s wedding cake (5 tiers plus columns).

  50. Hi Rona,

    Bogatyr … bells are ringing … hopefully when you call me to say he’s all mine!

    Keep up the awesome work.


  51. Pajari – because of his eyes. They seem to be staring right at me. He has attitude and that has resonance for me today. For me choosing “which I think is the best” comes down to first impressions and although I appreciate the composition and the way the print has been constructed, it’s really about how it makes me feel. That is what moves me in art. It’s the part of myself I see in Pajari which makes him my pick!

  52. Sue says:

    I like Knyazhna for so many reasons:
    * she’s a mistress of disguise- that sweet and gentle “come hither” look is just a ruse!She might be Velikaya Knyazhna- the Grand Duchess of Russian Blues!
    * she also likes boots, peace, love, art, gambling, gardening, flying antique aircraft and risky assignments
    * she’s a Gemini with Sagitarius rising and Aquarius moon- awesome!

  53. Katy says:

    Hi Rona
    This is such a great idea!
    It is very hard to chose as they are all fantastic, like everything you do. But I like Bogatyr the best as he looks like a testy teenager, arms crossed, ear bent, daring you you to challenge him. But also looking slightly innocent and out of his depth as well, but almost egging you to “try it on”, so to speak. He would also make a great companion to Latti and Lady on my wall….
    Keep up the great work! paws are crossed to win. Katy

  54. chris de rosa says:

    You Mad, Mad, Women keep it crazy.
    Chris De Rosa.

  55. Mmmm…
    Flicking back and forward but Knyazhna keeps summoning. It’s that zen with intent gaze,
    and we have your gorgeous Dally Boy and artful Slim, who I’m sure would benefit from a little feline companionship…not to mention our cat obsessed 2 year old Freya.
    Great and generous idea Rona! 😉

  56. Hi Rona, hope you are well.. I met you briefly one time and you gave me a sweet badge!

    Bogatyr is definately my favourite.. because I have a skull tattoo and a snake tattoo just like him!


  57. susy says:

    Love all those cheeky cats, but of the three, Knyazhna is the one I’d like to live with. Every cat is refined with exquisite complexity, as I see it, but Knyazhna looks sweet-natured. And, really, I’d rather my days be imbued with birds, flowers, and a bit of mysticism than with skulls, spiders, snakes, and daggers. Take your point, though, about what she might be hiding behind her innocent gaze, and in her hands behind her back, but it’s the paradoxes which intrigue.

  58. Knyazhna: It’s the only one that I can defeat in a staring competition… 😐

  59. Cynthia Carter says:

    My pick is ‘Bogatyr’.
    The ear does it!

  60. Kate says:

    It’s Knyazhna that I like, for his (her?) open, calm expression and stillness, and the little die-face five spots on his/her shoulder seal the deal for me.

  61. Bronwyn says:

    Bogatyr is like the character that exists within one of my children – folded arms a sign of distain with a pinch of pity (after all, at 47 I am to her just SO old and embarrassing), but she not without capacity to love just as hard and to leap to my defense when needed. It’s the impenetrable and fragile rolled into one.

  62. Have to go with Bogatyr. I enjoy the attitude he portrays with folded arms

  63. Leanne Cole says:

    I like the third one, I like the expression on the face and one arm slightly across the body. I also prefer the background, the mottled effect.

  64. Lucille says:

    I feel drawn to Bogatyr – his expression and his skewed ear give him a gentle countenance – a contrast to his heavily tattooed body. I think he’d love to come to live at my home.

  65. Debra says:

    Kynazhna is my pick because my cat often has exactly the same expression…minus the tatts of course…although I’m sure if she had the choice she would have her own your work Rona! cheers, Debra

  66. xtfalcon says:

    Ok if we study the body language Bogatyr has the classic crossed arms which is a sign of defensive or ego.Probably a football player who has just shagged his best mates wife.
    if we look at Pajari he is guarding the genital area which can be read two ways either weak or
    im ready to go or maybe both.Probably a real estate agent during friday night drinks
    If we look at Knyazhna non threating stance and looking straight in the eye.this is someone who
    is sincere and to be trusted.Probably an noble prize winner,world peace activist or an artist from
    Thats why we like Knyazha the best

    • Rona Green says:

      Don’t be fooled by Knyazhna’s beguiling looks… keep an eye on her.

      • xtfalcon says:

        i think your right just noticed the hands behind the back a sign of frustration ,anger and trying to hide something definitley a serial killer ..second thoughts lets go with the real estate agent

  67. Diane Kitanoski says:

    Pajari gets my vote as coolest cat!!

    As simply as two eyes may be drawn, they show such strength. This is where I see all of the attitude, albeit being covered in tattoos of frightening animals.

    In life we are drawn to things that reflect what’s currently going on in our lives. I’m looking for a bit of “don’t mess with me” strength. Perhaps this is exactly the “piece” that’s missing from my life! 😉

  68. jessica mcbeth says:

    For me it’s ‘Bogatyr’ because like a lot of people with tatts, they appear to look hard on the outside and people tend to judge them bytheir exterior, but deep down they are softies with a big heart and a lot of love to give! 🙂

    kind regards

  69. I like Knyazhna – love the irony of the dove tattoo. I also think its pretty hipster/bogan to have tattoo’s of your idols on your arms and that resonates with me – I am of course just presuming that is ‘Puss in Boots’ and a circus tiger and they are Knyazhna’s idols.
    My 1 year old nephew is fascinated by my print of ‘Cutter’ on the wall and I would love to give him a print like Knyazhna. There is a softness about her, despite being heavily tattooed. Also there are so many great parables embodied in your work – like ‘You should never judge a book by its cover, and ‘Life is a Journey’.

  70. Jojo says:

    Pajari, because he reminds me of this bad cat I used to know who sold things by the wharf. He dealt in crazy ideas and wild imaginings on the black market. Then one day, he wasn’t there anymore. I still wonder…

  71. Louise Tegart says:

    Pajari please Rona!!!! Love his expression.

  72. Dom Garcia says:

    Bogatyr for me … the whole ‘woteva’ attitude 🙂

  73. Bogatyr has the ear (starting with a little internal rhyme) that could be a battle scar but its slight lean suggests a closely-guarded softness that belies his tatts. The bells ring as he moves his shoulders slightly and the jungle cats roar when he flexes his arms. The solidarity of the jungle cats convince me that he’s all cat: no wishing to run with the dogs here.
    Bogatyr, be mine!*

    *Although any of them could leave their shoes under my bed.

  74. Dan says:

    I like Knyazhna he represents transformation to me, a bad cat who has seen allot in his life and now accepts an all inclusive view on life. The kind of cat you can have a beer with and listen to his amazing stories for hours.

  75. reniegarlick says:

    I’m choosing Pajari – mostly because that expression fits my own for the present and the asymmetrical features of the composition are also unsettling. Need this vibe in my life right now…

    LOVE the idea of an art give-away. I’ve lately come to the conclusion that since I’m mostly making my work for my own process, selling it is getting in the way of it’s unfolding.

    Thanks for the opportunity to play!

  76. Bogatyr is my favorite because you really get to feel the sense of “hard-ass” that the tattoos radiate from the crossed arms of the animal’s gesture, rather than the more open stances of the other editions. The play of attitude really comes across as well because the eyes and facial composition of the animal aren’t as hard as the body gesture which enables the viewer to really form their own perspective that the artist isn’t defining in a visual way. Being able to see more of the tattoos on the figure because it’s arms are crossed and provide more skin in the frame is another reason why I really enjoy Bogatyr!

    How can you go wrong choosing the print with a name that represents a great medieval warrior?

  77. sarah says:

    It is a really tough call between pajari and bogatyr. But for me Bogatyr wins because of the jaunty tilt of his left ear, his nonchalant stance and his slightly off-centredness

  78. ainescannell says:

    Hi Rona what a great idea
    you have me thinking now that ………………I might just do something along these lines.

    First of all I love the kind of duck egg blue back ground – its one of my favorite colors
    Knyazhna is the one I like most because she looks sweet to me.

    best wishes


  79. Pajari is showing me he’s cross AND showing me his cross.

  80. Sam says:

    so is knyashna the daughter of knyaz.. and is there a tough looking russian knyaz anywhere?

  81. deborah williams says:

    Pajari has to be the pick because he has ‘pajari’ eyes AND he sports the most evil of tatts. He’s the cat of the hood……any hood.

  82. Sam says:

    It’s really hard to choose but I love knyazhna because she/he looks hard on the outside and soft on the inside and the expression on knyazhna’s face could be many things including me when:
    1:I am a little chuffed with my self on the inside for achieveing something (the little slight smurk)
    2:I have just finished yoga (I’m in the zone)
    3:When I’m laughing on the inside when the situation calls for me to be serious
    4:When I’m super happy and content but don’t have the enrgy to show it
    5:When our cat Molly, has asked to go in or out for the 10th time in the middle of the night and I’m holding in my fury and trying to make light of my mood…not… and
    6:The stare I have when I think someone is a real moron

    The expression can be many things, I love it.

  83. Sai-Wai says:

    Hi Rona
    kynazhna is my pick, love the heart& bird chest piece, but what really does it for. Me is the combination of the fierce roaring tiger & the rather dashing cavalier hatted pussy cat on the shoulder. Just magic love it!

  84. nicole mcbain says:

    Pajari. One cool cat who knows what’s going on…
    Plus love the tatt work!
    How good is a comp with Animal in it x

  85. Di Ellis says:

    Bogatyr, because I’ve a picture of the no 1 grand kiddy with a painted on cats face and a snake on her arm, so It must be a sign? Oh and I think he has your eyes. And I like his tatt’s the bells and the candles particularly.

  86. Kate Chaffer says:

    Knyazhna is my pick. Cool, calm and confident – a lover of french champagne and his mother. He just wants to be loved. Love your work Rona, keep it coming… thank you! Kate

  87. Susan Morris says:

    Hi Rona

    I really like Kynazhna not only because I am not sure how to pronounce his name maybe I need to get to know him better: like on the wall in my bedroom.
    I know my partner would love him (a bird lover and breeder) I can’t help thinking romance might be in the air with Kynazhna, the 2 love birds and heart above our bed

  88. Bonnie hanlon says:

    I like Bogatyr the best! He has a bravado that seems to be wavering, it’s all in that uncertain ear…
    Fun idea Rona xox

  89. Scott Lyon says:

    it’s got to be

    composition and placement,
    {off centre}
    i like…!
    and the candle on the skull,
    a real winner….!

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