Rona Green Art Giveaway Winners!


Trumpet herald please!


Gonzo from The Muppet Show


The winners of the Rona Green Art Giveaway have been drawn by Freddie The Lucky Lagomorph.


Freddie The Lucky Lagomorph


And the winners are:


The Art Giveaway Winners


Andy – winner of Bogatyr.

Harriet – winner of Knyazhna.

Tarli – winner of Pajari.




Rona Green, Bogatyr, 2008, screenprint, 38 x 56 cm, edition 23


Rona Green, Knyazhna, 2008, screenprint, 38 x 56 cm, edition 23


Rona Green, Pajari, 2008, screenprint, 38 x 56 cm, edition 23


And here is a little bit about the creation of the works:


Danzig Baldaev (seated)


These prints were inspired by Russian criminal tattooing and the drawings of Danzig Baldaev.

Of particular interest to me is the use of the cat as the symbol for the thief.


Drawings of Russian criminal tattoo designs by Danzig Baldaev


All the characters in the giveaway prints are based on pets of artist friends.

Bogatyr is a portrait of Bodhi, companion of Belinda Fox.


Bodhi aka Bogatyr


Knyazhna is a portrait of Alba (named after The Duchess of Alba), companion of Eolo Paul Bottaro and Marguerite Brown.


Alba aka Knyazhna


Pajari is a portrait of Mr Pip, companion of Stephen Wickham.


Mr Pip aka Pajari


Thank you all so much for entering the Rona Green Art Giveaway and for your wonderfully entertaining comments.

Congratulations again to the winners!


Dr Teeth and The Electric Mayhem from The Muppet Show


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8 Comments on “Rona Green Art Giveaway Winners!”

  1. Tarli Glover says:

    Hi Rona,
    Just found out today that I am a very lucky winner….thanks Feddie
    A lovely Easter surprise.
    Thanks for your generosity Rona.

  2. Magda Skibinski says:

    Congrats to Andy, Harriet and Tarli – fortune (and Freddie) smiled upon you. Revel in Rona’s beauties and position them with pride!
    Thanks for your generosity, Rona, and allowing us to play a little. Cheers!
    PS. Adore Bodhi, Alba and Mr Pip.

  3. Harriet Collins says:

    What a way to start my day. I’m so happy. Thank you. Please thank Freddied for me. Hx

  4. nicole mcbain says:

    Freddy decides – how can you argue with a rabbit. Lucky winners!

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