Magical exhibition invitation


Neospace gallery



14 November – 11 December 2015


7 Campbell Street, Collingwood VIC 3066 Australia

An exhibition of printmaking by 47 artists curated by Rona Green

Emma Armstrong-Porter, Louise Blyton, Mirranda Burton, Tom Civil, Michael Cleary, Elizabeth Cole, Leonie Connellan, Paul Compton, Marisa Corral, Graeme Drendel, Michael Fitzgerald, Kate Gorringe-Smith, Rona Green (curator), Andrew Gunnell, Gregory Harrison, Nick Heynsbergh, Jackie Hocking, Ying Huang, Chris Ingham, Shane Jones, Adrian Kellett, Helen Kennedy, Kate Knowles, Peter Lancaster, Nerissa Lea, Nina Magee, Soula Mantalvanos, Terry Matassoni, Cassie May, Aaron McLoughlin, Leonie Oakes, Sharron Okines, Travis Paterson, Jim Pavlidis, Penny Peckham, Cat Poljski, Nada Poljski, Georgina Ross, John Ryrie, Melinda Schawel, Mrs Stamp, Julian Stow, Sophia Szilagyi, Lee Ward, Deborah Williams, Jessi Wong & Dominique Wylestone


Magical exhibition 01


Magical exhibition 02


Magical exhibition 03


Magical exhibition 04


Magical exhibition 05


Magical exhibition 06

Left – right: Michael Fitzgerald, Kate Gorringe-Smith, Rona Green, Andrew Gunnell & Greg Harrison


Magical exhibition opening

Foreground left – right: Louise Jennison, Gracia Haby , Deborah Klein, Leonie Connellan and Shane Jones at the opening celebration of Magical at Neospace


Exhibition photographs by Tim Gresham. Crowd shot by Rona.


You can click this link if you would like to view the Magical exhibition catalogue.