Cover girl


Portrait of Joan Jett by Andy Lang


Recently I was asked by Andy Lang from the band Bits of Shit to create some cover artwork for their album Cut Sleeves.


Bits of Shit


It was an honour to make a portrait of Andy’s dog, Joan “Jett” Lang, for this purpose.


Joan “Jett” Lang


The artwork was inspired by Joan, and her rockin’ namesake Joan Jett.


Joan Jett


Further inspiration came from the album title Cut Sleeves, which is a reference to the denim stylings of the funkalicious Afrika Bambaataa.


Afrika Bambaataa


Add a pinch of Tahiti Felix tattoo flavour and it’s all good.


Tahiti Felix with a throng of illustrated men


And here is the finished product by yours truly.


Rona Green, Portrait of Joan, 2012, ink, watercolour and tea wash, 50 x 50 cm – artwork for the cover of the album Cut Sleeves by Bits of Shit


To finish, enjoy this clip for the ditty Dirty Bomb by Bits of Shit featuring the lovely Joan “Jett” Lang.



Rock on!


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