Greasy Rhys comes alive!


‘It would be vain to try to put into words that immeasurable sense of bliss which comes over me directly when a new idea awakens in me and begins to assume a definite form. I forget everything and behave like a madman.’

– Pyotr Ilich Tchaikovsky



Artists are often asked where their ideas come from. How the creative process works is difficult to describe verbally. So here is an illustration of the stream of consciousness that originated Greasy Rhys, who features on the invitation (image above) to my forthcoming exhibition Strokin’.


Let the show begin…


Silver Gull aka Seagull


Eastern Beach, Geelong


Hot chips


Sailor smoking


Norman 'Sailor Jerry' Collins (1911-1973)


Sailor Jerry tattoo flash


Tattooed sailor


Rona Green, Greasy Rhys, 2008, linocut, ink & watercolour, 38 x 28 cm, edition 13


Rona Green, Greasy Rhys, 2011, acrylic on canvas, 112 x 91.5 cm




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