Cockhead Quarantine Giveaway!




It’s time… for a Cockhead Quarantine Giveaway!

You can enter for a chance to win one of two prize packs that include a Cockhead tote bag (the last remaining of my stock), badges, magnets, postcards and bookmarks.


Oomi and Rona Green prize pack

Oomi showcasing a prize pack


To enter the giveaway:

1. Be a follower of

2. Be one of my mailing list subscribers – existing or new – if you aren’t yet a subscriber click here to sign up

3. Leave a comment on this blog post about which of my pictures is your favourite and why – you can view work on my website gallery to select your favourite by clicking here


Entries close at 11.59pm (AEST) on Thursday 30 April 2020.

Each entry will be reviewed by myself and studio assistant Oomi the Greyhound to select the two prize pack winners.


Winners will be announced in a blog post on Friday 1 May 2020.

Thank you for your interest and good luck!




88 Comments on “Cockhead Quarantine Giveaway!”

  1. mindydore says:

    Hi Rona,

    Love getting your emails and I was so looking forward to coming to your exhibition in Hobart at Penny Contemporary. Will it still go ahead?

    My favourite print of yours is King of Punchbowl. Why? We have a Dalmatian dog called Pepper, and I also grew up with one in Sydney (but not in Punchbowl) but I get King’s attitude, having worked with a full-on Greek boy from Punchbowl. He used to wear bright blue contact lenses and give you the Jim stare ( that was his name). Anyway, that’s my fave and I’d be proud to carry your Cockhead tote around Hobart streets.

    Take care and I’d delight in meeting you one day when I’m next in Melbourne.


    • Rona Green says:

      Hi Mindy, hope you’re good. Yes, the Penny Contemporary show will go ahead in future and I plan to be at the opening, thank you for asking. And thanks for sharing that anecdote, it made me smile. 🙂

  2. Lauren says:

    Ever since I spotted ‘Chips’ hanging on the wall in my favourite Fish & Chip shop in sunny Yeppoon I knew I just had to have him and have been following your work since… One day I will find someone willing to part with him <3. As a mum of dalmatians I have also fallen in love with 'King' who I swear is the alter ego of my naughty loveable Maxy!

  3. I can’t go past a cutie/toughie like Creme. What a delightful critter.

  4. Mikki says:

    All your characters have such personalities. Hoodlum has always been a favourite, although Golden Boy and McGoohan are also strong contenders. At the moment, I am strongly drawn to both Curl and Icecream Days, the colour making their images pop.

  5. Leonie Dodds says:

    An impossible choice…but if forced I’d vote for ‘Mr. Correct’. He’s a nerd, I’m a nerd, but he just happens to be super cool. #nerdsunited. Thank you for all of them Rona.

  6. They are all brilliant in their own way! However I made a decision ‘Fatty Gastelum’ is a great character. Mysterious and sweet someone I would like to get to know. Also the colour choice is perfect for this particular animal! Love love love 😍

  7. barbcrt says:

    Hi – I just found your work, I love the greyhound. I’m off to see what else you do.


  8. megan cheyne says:

    I love all of them but if forced to chose one then it’s Charlie, he is dog version of my husband and yet looks like my dog. The look on his face is the look the dog gives when anyone has food.

  9. melinda says:

    hi Rona, i love “icecream days” with his adidas jacket he is the typical eshay!

  10. pcarchi says:

    Charlie is my favourite image because he reminds me of my Grandad …

  11. Regina George says:

    I love eloquent earl. The red really pops and it’s my favourite colour. This print has character and earl has a look on his face that reminds me of my dad who passed away 15 years ago.

  12. Layla Fibbins says:

    I love all the dogs, but my absolute favourite is Marc. He reminds me of my oldest rabbit Mugwort (RIP) who we nicknamed the thug bunny, as his self appointed duty was to show the cats who’s boss, and they were terrified of him. If he was to be made into a print he would definitely have face tats and a black hoodie.

  13. Leah Vincent says:

    I love the greyhound in the adidas tracksuit .. you have captured it’s humble character in the face. Also I have a nerdy but extremely cool friend who wears the same tracksuit top with aplomb. He is really into music and record collecting and live music .. and also has the beautiful soft nature of the greyhound. ❤ I so love your work .. and was so looking forward to the workshop in TAS. Stay well

  14. Rae says:

    Love your work Rona i have been following you since being introduce to your work whilst studying . I have many favourites but I do love L&B Leonty and Borislav because I’m heavily tattooed i can relate it, basically i can relate to all of them 🙂

  15. Lisa Shannon says:

    Hi Rona,
    I remember seeing your work for the first time years ago, when you had a space at the Abbotsford Convent. I have always been drawn to your rabbits, they are a little menacing and subversive, which I think is a true representation of the rabbit character.

    • Rona Green says:

      Hi Lisa, agreed! Rabbits are just that, as well as adorable companions when they take a liking to you. Thanks for taking an interest in my work all this time. Very best wishes.

  16. Anita Harrison says:

    I was a Tasmanian living in Geelong in the early 2000’s – in my mid thirties, and recently separated! I saw your exhibition advertised at the Geelong gallery and there HE was….I had found my new partner in life! Cockhead has continued to follow me with ‘that gaze’ ever since, and now has his forever home in the Far South of Tassie!

  17. Georgie says:

    Hi Rona, my household has argued about which Rona animal to adopt for years. I’m actually still stuck on your little monsters from 2002 but now find the seagull also quite fetching. My partner respects the cocky. My daughter finds them a little creepy. Her vote won’t count.

  18. Dorgu the pussy cat with a patch is my fave – because us gingers have to stick together!

  19. Clare Webb says:

    I love Curly. Like the guy on your bag, Curly is also a bit of a Cockhead.
    He could be the face of these ISO times with the caption “Don’t be a Cockhead – stay at home”

  20. Ann Hinchliffe says:

    Bailey is my fave: I love his soft, smart eyes and I reckon he has a tough but generous heart.

  21. Dave Moyle says:

    Claw brings back fond memories of a rescue maggie we had for years
    One day he disappeared. Broke the families hearts. His name was Julius. He had eyebrows like A popular science presenter on tv when we were kids. Julius was a great companion never leaving your side, just like a dog.
    Still brings a tear to my eye

  22. Ann Davidson says:

    Wanda is my favourite because I see her before I go to sleep and when I wake up in the morning.

  23. Delphine says:

    The Surgeon won my heart many years ago…

  24. Pretty Boys! It was the first piece of Rona’s work that I ever saw and I just fell in love with them, and Rona’s talent! I loved the humanisation of the pair and the initial feeling of menace they give. Looking further into those eyes, you know you could pick them up, scratch them behind the ears and they’d turn into softies. Until they got sick of it, then they’d proceed to take turns in scratching the crap out of you.

  25. Katie Hill says:

    My faves are Clive and Dutch with Creme a close runner up. They’re cheeky, confident and take no prisoners. Love ya work.

  26. dorisdorid says:

    Ice cream days, because of that precise look in his eye. It captures a bit of fear, a bit of elation, a bit of confusion and a bit of trepidation. Can almost see the tremor!

  27. Lucy Cowden says:

    I love Curly… he resonates deep within my soul and reminds me of my truck driving bloke… I first saw your work at Abottsford Convent and I just adore its humour and heart xx

  28. Lesley Andersen says:

    I first saw your work at Beaver gallery in Canberra. ‘Charlie’ caught my eye. He was cool, minimalist, but edgy. He was surrounded by a beautiful, blue, hand-painted background. I kept returning to him like an old friend.

    • Rona Green says:

      Thanks so much Lesley. That is fab that Charlie caught and kept your eye on him! And very happy to hear you like the blue. When I mixed it I thought it one of the best blues I’ve ever made. Best wishes.

  29. jrawlins2016 says:

    Lazer. That beautiful boy is my daily reminder that acceptance of who we are is key to inner peace. With those eyes and markings he says, ‘this is who I am; take it or leave it’. He sits at the foot of my stairs to affirm his message many times a day. I love all your works Rona but Lazer’s impact has been the deepest.

  30. Erika de Vos says:

    Definitely Leonid and Serge will always be my favorite furry friends. It’s the combination of background colour and weight between white and black space.

  31. Raewyn says:

    My fav is Shitehawk vs.Dirck ‘Foo-Foo’ De Cock! We have this hanging in our hallway and makes me smile every day when I walk past it! Love your work 🖤

  32. Monica Lockwood says:

    Without a doubt my favourite is ‘Wylie and Kev’. They are such an unlikely pair – a dog and a koala, but at the heart of it they are best friends (for a start they share common interests – their ”twinning shirts’). They are the stuff friends are made of, and it really warms my heart, and man i can’t wait til this coronavirus caper is over so i can spend more time with my Kev 🙂 Thank you for creating this fun competition. all the best to you xxx

  33. Kitty Stokes says:

    I will have to say ‘Leonid’ as I own one of him and he reminds me of my favourite (not that I should have favourites) tuxedo cat Didak. Any any given day this print can make me smile. Closely followed is ‘Charlie’. The striking contrast of solid black and white areas grabs my attention and I just want to play with his fluffy little beard.

  34. Bec Kos says:

    Hmmm…tough choice. Jack Action just oozes sexuality and Van Gerven seems so mysterious with that neck tattoo, but I think I am just a sucker for a cute guy and will choose Samuil.

  35. Orlagh says:

    Shitehawk Reep is my favourite, mainly because it’s a phrase I associate with home so it makes me weirdly nostalgic and emotional. The image is so perfect too. More menacing than any shitehawk I’ve ever come across. But I also love Icecream days, because we have a 38Kg black greyhound who would love to steal Oomi’s trackky top.

  36. Ashleigh McCulloch says:

    I have loooved Pascal for a while because of the amazing details on the ears and the tie, I don’t even understand how you come up with your ideas, they’re so amazing!!

  37. Philip Yarra says:

    I still love Creme the best, because cats! But I’ve recently had a greyhound come into my life, and so Icecream days has to be close second, even though not cats!

  38. ajudd74 says:

    I love Nekromancer, because the dog reminds me on my first dog I had for 15 years- Charlotte a German short-haired pointer. I was devastated when she passed away. I love the use of symbolic designs and multiple colours. Great inspo for my teacher multi-block demo print I intend to do in the coming weeks…. that will be inspired by your work 😉 #remoteteaching

    • Rona Green says:

      Good spotting – the model for Nekromancer was a darling GSP! I’m very sorry for the loss of your Charlotte. No doubt you enjoyed every moment of her company. Thank you for your comments, and good luck with the teaching. 🙂

  39. Angela Fitton says:

    Charlie! I love all of your artwork but Charlie is my fav as 1. He looks a bit like my JRT Scout and 2. Charlie was the name of my first dog and first JRT.

  40. Sai-Wai says:

    Hi Oomi!!!! You’re looking very beautiful, Rona please give Oomi a belly rub from me xxxx

  41. So many good ones and I own two of your original prints already but I love Brett and Greasy Rhys. Mostly because these are two of my favorite birds from where I live on the Mornington Peninsula. I think you’ve captured the cool of the Cocky and the rat baggyness of the humble chip stealing sea gull.

  42. I have a Rona Green print, but now I have a greyhound I love Ice-cream Days. The Adidas Top is so befitting to the character of my greyhound and no doubt yours. Bravo.

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