Win a bundle of special stuff!




Happy new year to you.

To celebrate the beginning of 2016 it is my pleasure to announce the opportunity for you to win a bundle of special Rona Green stuff including badges, a tea towel AND an original limited edition print!!!


Freddie and Rona Green badges

Freddie fiercely guarding a stash of Rona Green badges


Jude tea towel by Rona Green and Shane

Jude tea towel by Rona Green, on the right being worn elegantly by Shane


Rona Green_Sergeant at Arms

Sergeant at Arms by Rona Green (2010, hand coloured linocut, 21 x 21 cm)


How to enter the competition:


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Be one of my mailing list subscribers

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Leave a comment about why you would like to win the bundle of special stuff

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Entries close at 12 noon AEDT on Thursday 14 January 2016.

The competition winner will be announced in a blog post that evening.

Good luck!




109 Comments on “Win a bundle of special stuff!”

  1. Jo says:

    Hello Rona! Myself and my two max cats [Agatha and Christie] are loving everything that you do. The Sergeant is a husky looking Gentleman, and we have decided he would make a lovely accompaniment to our femme household. And he’ll never leave the seat up!

  2. Jaz says:

    I currently have a jar next to my coffee machine labeled ‘Sergey and Leonid’ and every time I make myself a coffee I put my loose change in there in the hopes of saving up enough to purchase a print of one of the two. For the moment, I’ll have to be happy with the work-in-progress appropriation I have of the two tattooed on my arm! I would be gobsmacked to win your bundle of special stuff, but I’m happy in the knowledge that the Sergeant would be looked after wherever he ends up. Thanks for doing the shit you do,


  3. Mark Roberts says:

    Morning Rona,

    We have “Cutter” guarding our front door. We bought him after we were burgled. No problems for over 6 years with “Cutter” looking after us………………………..However I’m always a bit nervous about the back door………Just the job for Sergeant at Arms ! Our standard poodle Percy just doesn’t have the menace required. He’s more like one of the Three Stooges, comedy is his caper not security.

  4. Robert Galdamez says:

    Dear Rona

    I have been a massive fan of your work ever since I started art school a few years ago. I still remember the first time I went to your exhibition I said to myself. ‘I cant wait until the day I own one of her prints’ Now I own 6 of them! Your work is absolutely amazing. The Zulu is getting a little lonely and I think Sergeant at Arms would make a great companion and addition to my growing collection. 😊 Thank you!

    Regards Robert

  5. Maggie says:

    When I’m feeling dogged
    (Head in a vice
    Knife in the heart
    Can’t find a park)
    A dose of your doggies
    (So chic
    So cool
    So In control)
    I’m put at ease

  6. Meredith Pammenter-Legg says:

    There would be heaps of rubby pats and licky wags for everyone if I won this swag of Freddy-licious RonaGoodies.

    I’d give up chasing cars and possums and happily stay at home so I could gaze at the hugely handsome Sargent at Arms if he were to hang on my wall!

    My paws find tea towels tricky so I might use my canine wiles to magic this one into a pillow for my doggie basket.

    And I promise I’d share those woof-tactic badges with all the puppies I know!

    Your work is hound-tacular and should be in every kennel on the planet!

    I promise I’d try to be a good dog if I won this stash!

  7. madfranny says:

    I’m a new (huge) fan of your work and would very much love to give the print to my partner, Jaz, who has recently had your work tattooed on her arm (with your kind permission, of course). It would certainly make me the best girlfriend ever and we’d live happily ever after. However, I wouldn’t part with the tea towel. That’d be all mine!

  8. Yvonne says:

    I love the ‘tough’ look and would enjoy living with your artwork…

  9. terence borg says:

    Freddie looks a tad bored now. I’d like to relieve him of his duties by taking these goodies off his hands (paws?), I’d offer him a carrot in return.

  10. Sam says:

    Hey Rona, we would love to win Sergeant at Arms to hang out with our very precious and very lonely ‘knuckleman’ who we purchased last year. You can also never have enough tea towels, even though Jude won’t be banished to the third draw down, they will get to hang out with our rabbits Lola Party Boy and Foxy, our dog Daisy and cats Harry and Molly Oh and our two kids Greta and Hessie love the badges too,

  11. Emma Pond says:

    I so love your work, and I’ve just bought my first piece – your generous Xmas special, Creme. He’s looking mighty fine situated here in Auckland, but I’d love to add more Rona Green to my whare. Keep up the great work Rona!

  12. justinehyde says:

    The Sargeant would complete a set of four Rona prints to represent each of our family members. The Sergeant would be an accurate reflection of my four year old’s personality. The badges I would add to the State Library Victoria ephemera collection alongside some other excellent badges. We need more Rona in the Library’s collection. The teatowel will bring a whole new lease of life to our kitchen. I just want it all!

  13. Hi Rona,

    I would love to win the Sergeant at Arms, so I could let myself being lost under his gaze, while eating some liquorice and ice-cream.
    What else could I say…

    Have a nice day.

  14. Deborah Miller says:

    Love the Sergeant at Arms even though he is not showing off a six pack and a pouch! Just need to see more of him!

  15. Adam Cawood says:

    Woof Woof Woof

  16. Fay Paleologoudias says:

    Hi Rona,
    Winning the bundle of special stuff would allow me to share your wonderful work in a more tangible way with my senior art students. We are studying your work in my class this year & this would be an amazing enhancement to what I have already planned.

  17. Andrea says:

    I would love to win this special bunch of stuff coz, I LOVE dogs, LOVE your work, though I hate drying dishes, if I have to, and I do, I would be happier doing it with this very cool tea towel and as for the badges, I already have a couple so not to be greedy, I will be prepared to share these round!

  18. Tracy says:

    Long time fan of your work Rona and “Sergeant at Arms” speaks to me, (I can’t tell you what he’s saying, it’s kinda saucy!).

  19. Nicola Moss says:

    I’m a fan because your work has a style that is uniquely yours Rona.

  20. Linda McArthur says:

    Love your work – have a couple of your pieces but would love more and it would be great to win Sergeant at Arms! I have bought a couple of your tea-towels – for me and also for gifts which are always well appreciated.

  21. Leonie says:

    Because I’m a terrible drawer (even the latest colouring-in fad has beaten me!) but a great badge wearer, dish dryer and art gazer. Or maybe our super chook Daphne could don a tea towel cape…
    Plus I’m jealous of my friends who keep buying your work.
    Have a fab 2016 Rona.

  22. Susan Di Sciascio says:

    Soooo love your work Rona.

  23. Janine Wallace says:

    Cos I am special too. Or rather would be if I won,

  24. CEO Olivia would love to wear that pawsome teatowel as Shane so elegantly does 🙂
    We love your work Rona! and your sense of wit 😉
    Good luck all to all the entries!

    ❤ nose nudges ❤ CEO Olivia

  25. Rose says:

    When I was an army cadet in high school I’m sure Sargent at Arms was in charge of the Qstore. Ah how we would love to get a new belt or khaki jumper just to hear him bark about the good olde days back when he could judge distances and fetch a bone. He was the company champion of the knife fight and could toast a mean marshmallow. Cadet camps were far from boring when Sargent at arms was about. He is just what my life is currently missing.

  26. Marco Fusco says:

    Because I am fan who needs a kick start on my Rona art collection and this would be the perfect way to start said collection 😀😍

  27. Shanti says:

    I’ve been using an old t-shirt to dry my dishes.

  28. Tarli glover says:

    Because I’m a little bit of a fan, I can never have to many Rona’s and there is always something appealing about an arty tea towel.

  29. Julie Holmes says:

    Woo! I need your Sargent At Arms to stand over me and make me PRINT, PRINT, PRINT DAMNIT! xxxx

  30. frankiesstory66 says:

    Makes my heart sing.
    Makes me laugh.
    Reminds the inner and outer child of wonderment.
    Thank you Rona Green

  31. Your art is like that first sip of beer on a day off work… but for my eyes. Don’t stop making art, us print geeks and animal/tattoo lovers will take it personally. Cheers, Bec

  32. Donna Gabites says:

    Owning a Rona Green print is a life goal. That is all I can say !

  33. Sumi says:

    Bundle it up Rona. our sweet girl Smudge would look super human donning a tea towel swanning the park in Rona Green, we will be the talk of parklands.
    Your work is always a hit in our house!

  34. Glenys Pridham says:

    No sad stories from me, so my answer is ‘I can NEVER have too many of Rona’s works! ( I also have a bare wall which needs adornment )
    Good luck everyone!

  35. Peter Wood says:

    Basically because of what everyone else as said BUT especially because our ol’ dawg has just had an eye removed (glaucoma) and ‘Sargent at Arms’ would cheer her (and us) up no end!!

  36. Sai-Wai says:

    OOOOO Rona Green goodies yes please! You know I am going to dress my dog & cat in the tea towel & instagram the hell out of them, possibly annoy the crap out of them too. But you know I’m only human. 🙂 x

  37. Keren Zorn says:

    These guys would be a great addition to the studio space I am setting up for myself in the next month. I could hang these guys above my printing press, and give the buttons away to visitors of my studio to spread the Rona Green love.

  38. Tobi says:

    Rona, truly you’re work speaks to me; to my heart and to my sense of humour. These special items will be great talking points in my studio (Architecture and Set & Costume Design for stage) and life at large. You capture the character, personality, attitude of people and animals alike, somehow merging them highlights the subcultural attitudes of each species.
    I’d love to spread the word about your beautiful prints here in Sydney. Happy New Year!

  39. ninjanevy says:

    Your work brings me joy, simple.

    I also wear one of your small badges on my coat and the conversations which happen with random people when they spot this brightens my day.

  40. Harriet Collins says:

    I have two badges of yours that you gave me about 5 years ago. They are pinned to my coat and have started to rust. I would love to win this competition so I can have more. The tea towel is the best tea towel I have ever laid eyes on and the print I could add to my beautiful collection of Rona Greens here in sunny West Hampstead.

  41. Bridgitte says:

    Hi Rona! Was really inspired by your talk and meeting you at the recent Print Triennial. It is wonderful to see an established artist helping others to grow and succeed in the art world. Love the precision of your work…..being a lino nut myself I appreciate the skill it takes to make your images so crisp. All the best for a creative and fun New Year.

  42. dogs are just dyslexic gods. it is us who needs to learn their language. often all they say is “HEY!”

  43. Kitty Stokes says:

    Ohhh I’d love to win some of these Rona goodies… especially the Jude tea-towel so I can put it on my cat Didak and he can look as cool as Shane! I’m in process of purchasing Leonid print at the moment but would love more collections from my favorite artist.

  44. B.E. Minifie says:

    Hi Rona, I replied incorrectly to this email – I rejoined. so I am resending my response to your competition.

    Sergeant at Arms would be a perfect companion for Jaspre, and I would then have two linocuts, one for each of my grandchildren. The tea towel could cover my sleeping computer screen and the  badges could travel the world pinned to various shirts and coats and bags. Kind Regards and Happy New Year, Bronwyn Minifie

  45. Debra says:

    A tea towel with one of your images on it…would make my life complete…no pressure…;)
    Love your work…always…xxx

  46. Debby says:

    Hi Rona
    Love you artistic talents. I am a budding artist & printmaker, who is also fanatical about Dalmatians, being an owner & breeder! I would sooooo looovveee to win one of your Dalmatian prints to add to my collection of artworks, by wonderful artists like yourself, that I have displayed around my home! 🙂

  47. julie3456 says:

    Your work is COOOOOOL! so, I want to own some of it!! x

  48. Gaye Kershaw says:

    Dear Rona,

    I’m looking to update my cape. I think a few buttons would complement my new look for 2016. I could also stare at a lovely print for hours or until I fall asleep.

    Yours in anticipation,

    Harvey the Wondercat

  49. Sue Beyer says:

    I really like your work so would like to win some special stuff of yours

  50. Joelyn Rawlins says:

    Rona. What can I say. I am a huge fan of your work. I have been since Art School in 1998. I am the proud owner of quite a few of your pieces (as you know) and I cannot imagine my life without those dear friends. Is it greedy of me to want more? Well then I’m greedy. More of Rona’s work in my life = pure joy. That about sums it up. Simple.

  51. Emma Hensler says:

    I am a huge fan of your work Rona, i studied printmaking at RMIT school of art, and every year the fund raising auction would take place, and your print would bring huge blessings to our fundraising as people would fight to win your print.
    I honestly just absorb your work for years always wishing I owned a little piece. Uni days long gone plus 2 kids for me , we would love a Bundle of stuff to grace our home forever 🙂

  52. jess says:

    what a way to start off the year! being able to dress my cat Alfred up in a tea towel just like Shane! haha that would be quite a site! 😉

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