Win a Rona Green miniature print competition


It is my pleasure to present the chance to win one of two miniature hand coloured linocut prints by yours truly.


'Stripes' and 'Spotty', hand coloured linocut prints, 9 cm x 13 cm, by Rona Green

‘Stripes’ and ‘Spotty’, hand coloured linocut prints, 9 cm x 13 cm, by Rona Green


To enter the competition:


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2. Leave a comment telling me in 33 words or less why you like my art and want to win a miniature print

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Entries close at 6.00pm AEST on Monday 1 June 2015.

The two competition winners will be announced in a blog post the next day.


Good luck!



102 Comments on “Win a Rona Green miniature print competition”

  1. kangelone says:

    The way you depict animals gives them such attitude with human like bodies or humans with animal like heads – just tickles me and speaks volumes over the often cutesy type images seen elsewhere.

  2. Joel Markham says:

    I am drawn to your art because it is obviously driven by a deep love for animals! How could you present them in such an engaging light if this was not the case?

  3. Your work and consistency is a true inspiration. I love your love of non-humans and would most enjoy having a genuine little RG print in my life 😀

  4. Robyn Ryrie says:

    I adore your creation of unusual and cheeky characters, much like my cats. They believe Spots and Stripes are like Bastet, and would protect their precious treasures of cat food, string and shiny things.

  5. Janelle Austin says:

    Your creativity, brightness and quirkiness would be a welcome housewarming gift to display on the front entrance wall! Your blog & FB posts brighten my day & the miniature would be a perfect add to the collection!

  6. Kyoko says:

    Love your work because it’s so simple and playful but also it lets me imagine their personalities! I want these miniature prints because there is something about this tiger that’s really really cute and humorous, not very scary!! Kyoko

  7. Robyn says:

    Fun, Playful and Beautiful. All the emotions I feel when I look at your art and, a sense of freedom. Thanks you for the opportunity to enter your comp! Robyn

  8. Tony Olsson says:

    As soon as my cats saw this they demanded I enter. “We nekos deserve this for all our love and devotion, now feed me while I look at art!!!”

  9. Cam Munroe says:

    Cats are my bag and your art rocks my small world! Keep up the great and inspiring work you do.

  10. Bec says:

    My religious cousins have evolved a bizarre, euphemistic code language, in which ‘stripes’ are pubes and ‘spots’ nipples. With these strange encoded meanings, these guys are doubly appealing. PS your work is wonderful.

  11. Nicole says:

    I have been a fan of your work for a long time now, and have always longed for one of your prints to liven up my humble little dwelling. I would be super honoured if I won stripes or spotty 😀

  12. Jane Langford says:

    I have The Duke hanging in my apartment and I am just obsessed with him now as when I brought him home. This little friend would be awesome.

  13. Magda Skibinski says:

    I love that you anthropomorphise a suite of animals. I would love to have a baby in the household, and ‘Stripes’ or ‘Spotty’ would fulfil that need. Love all you do, Rona.

  14. Niesingh says:

    I first came across your artwork as a printing major student. I fell inlove with the personality of the artist which was so evident in her work. Rona, you have been a constant inspiration in every thing I do.

  15. d.p. muir says:

    Rona: your beautiful animals, bare-armed or with tattoos, vocalisations raging away in my mind’s eye keep me up-beat. I would adore ‘Spotty’ as s/he stalks with a caution inherent in smart critters.

  16. Leonie says:

    Gorgeous skilled artwork – animals and tattoos; all my favourite things in one package.
    My lazy ginger moggie, Mr Darcy, would stare at your print and think it was of him: “Tiger, tiger, burning bright…..”

  17. Allana says:

    Hi Rona. I am a huge fan of your work, my presentation was a huge hit and I received full marks with the info you sent to me. These will be a great addition to my studio.
    Allana. x

  18. Elisa says:

    These guys feel like a Saturday morning – who knows what will happen but it’s going to be good!

  19. Rose Marin says:

    Stripes and Spotty would have a good home with the Marin clan. Plenty of tattooed bunnies to chase around the joint and a loving family to ohh and ahh over them whenever the need strikes. There is even the potential to devour the odd arts funding assassin hiding in the greater Canberra area.

  20. nati says:

    Hey Rona, i reckon i see your creatures every day in my street, down the local pub and in my fav cafe. They are so real. X Nati

  21. edwina bach says:

    We are huge fans of your work and have been wanting to own some of you work for a long time. We just had a new baby boy and I think the Tigers would look super in his bedroom.
    Keep making! Love it!

  22. Hello Rona! I love your prints and would love to win one of the miniatures because 1) i love the simplicity of your line work, 2) i love how your images ‘talk’ about complex issues, 3) i love the simple composition, the restricted use of colour, and many more things. If I won the miniature I would frame it and put it in a place where it is easy to see to help me feel inspired! All the best, laura

  23. Pip M says:

    I love the creeping spotty cat
    Lurking down the page
    He’s on his way to do some bad
    With claws as sharp as blades!

  24. Madeline says:

    I am lucky enough to be surrounded by your clever prints every day at the Breathe office, and I would love to have one in my little home!

  25. No art collection could be complete without one of your charming works and the work of yours which I did have, I used to bribe a property developer! So now it must have a cute little leopard print to be whole again!

  26. Mel B says:

    I would ❤ a teensy tiger for my baby's jungle-themed nursery I'm putting together! Perfect buffer while we get the pennies together for a lovely big tattooed bunny for our lounge! xx

  27. Emma Hollard says:

    Your crew are popping up in all sorts of unexpected places in my home, bookmarks ,cards, buttons etc… even a little dude hanging out in my dunny… I need a Teeny-Weeny tiger to sort them out.

  28. Keren Zorn says:

    If I won Stripes I’d nickname him Elvis after his ‘Tiger Man’ song.

    If I won Spots I’d nickname him Shania Twain. It reminds me of ‘That Don’t Impress Me Much’ clip where she dances around in a leopard print coat.

    But don’t get me wrong, your prints do actually impress me, much!

    (I also realise I have gone way over the word limit, I tried, but I couldn’t cut it down.)

  29. littledog69 says:

    Poochies, Bunnies, Birdies and Tibbies: you bring out the human style in our animal friends like no other.

    And PETA would get me if I really tattooed my cat.

  30. Amy Cornall says:

    I love how generous you are to your followers and mailing list peeps – giveaways and lovely small prints at very nice prices! Makes me feel very special 🙂

    And yes please, I’d love a miniature kitty for my wall.

  31. Duro says:

    Hi Rona

    Always a thrill to see your misfits and subversives whether small or large. Reminds me of the writer Clive Barker and his work Nightbreed though with a dose of humor.

  32. I have a real mouse problem, these two could be the answer to my prayers …

  33. Maria Di palma says:

    Your art speaks for itself no sucking up required here .. I want Stripes and spotty because they are awesomeness !! Who wouldn’t want anything by you and looks like you used a Schleich Tiger which makes it even better !

  34. Linda McArthur says:

    Love the diversity and simplicity of your work – we have Elegant Earl (who looks like my dog) and Leonid (who looks like my cat) and I smile every time I look at these. Also bought your t-towels for us and well as for gifts.

  35. Fran says:

    Because who wouldn’t! I love your work…

  36. Jess pacquola says:

    I love the simplicity of your art Rona. As an animal lover you do an extraordinary job at demonstrating the different personalities of animals. Your rustic colours suit my style to a tee. I’m a lucky person who works 8 hrs a day staring at your artwork while in my office at work (Dentalspa Geelong). I then come home to more of your art on my walls! Xx Jess.

  37. Jocelyn says:

    Rona, I left my comment on the other page. Hope you can find it! I had trouble with internet connection so couldn’t access this comment bar at the time. Hope it counts as a legitimate comment though – I waxed rather lyrical about your work and doubt I could remember it word for word! It was all complimentary of course. 😎

  38. kate says:

    S uper cool
    T iger print
    R ising up to the challenge of our rival
    I t’s the thrill of the fight
    P rintmaking made to look so effortless
    E ye of the tiger
    S imple yet sophisticated

  39. Lesley says:

    I love the quirky nature of your pieces. I just love printing!

  40. Jennifer Barnes says:

    Rona, I love the colour and the clean simple lines of your artwork. It would be wonderful to have a print of yours to put in my new house! Good luck to everyone.

  41. Deb says:

    it would look fabulous on the wall of my minature room.

  42. Robyn Long says:

    Love you work so much that I’m travelling down from Gippsland on Saturday to attend your workshop. Your work makes me smile!

  43. mattie says:

    I love your work because it reminds me of home- bc our house is kind of like a creepy shrine to you. you create quirky characters that come to life on the page.

  44. adam power says:

    Wether its a rabbit with a pirate eye patch, chicken with full body tatts, dog carrying a glock, cat with bullet ridden scars, or a seagull smokin craven As ….what’s not to like

  45. msbrowns says:

    Because I drool over your line work and colour! And because there are no tigers in Armenia.
    Lovely Rona!

  46. Angela Watters says:

    As an art teacher I am grateful to have an artist that I can teach teenagers about that they really like and relate to. We also run an assignment based on your work!

  47. Robert Heather says:

    Because it would look fantsstic in thr room of my new baby boy and guve him a lifelong appreciation of the art of printmaking!

  48. kezwoodg says:

    Because I loves it! Seeing it every day would be fantastic.

  49. I DON’T like your art, I LOVE it!!! I want to win a miniature print as it would compliment the other art piece I have: a hand print by my daughter.

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